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A choreographic piece in augmented reality for three locations


Conception, choreographer : Natacha Paquignon

Visual arts engineer: Maxime Touroute

Engineer & experience designer: Amaury Belin, MuseoPic

Music : Valentin Durif

Dancers: Lise Bois, Clément Olivier, Natacha Paquignon

Additional engineers : Louis François Barthélémy, Victor Ducray, Eva Maurer, Shirley Truffier-Blanc

Stage manager: Eric Lombral

Lieux Miroir (Mirror Places) is a choreographic piece in augmented reality that unfolds on three real places, which become imaginary places: the place aux recoins, the square du tour, the passage aux sorcières.

The work gives access to a hidden dimension of the places inhabited by dancers.
The dance questions our paradoxes, the fragmentation of our identities. Each space reveals a facet of the kaleidoscopic personality of three choreographic characters.

They are first of all guides, who appear in each place in a form inspired by the Non-Player Characters (NPC) of video games. In this form, they deliver messages to the spectators.
In contact with the spaces, they transform themselves, revealing another of their multiple facets.

Various interactive modules allow the spectator to discover the play by following his own path.

Lieux Miroir was created for the first time in Aubusson in co-production with the Scène Nationale d'Aubusson.

The work is designed to be deployed in other territories: the choreographic scenes are placed in three places; the guides are partly rewritten to adapt their message.

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