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Space Dances is a project developed to create choreographic work in augmented reality (AR). It is designed to help with creations at the edge of performance art and digital art, which talk about the relationship between dance and its surroundings. The artworks created remain in situ without occupying any physical space.

Space Dances allows the audience to bring out dancing bodies in unexpected places, open or private spaces, using a mobile app with geolocation, through which users can access a new plane of reality. With their tablets or smartphone, they can navigate an area where dance scenes in AR were created. They are guided by maps and interactive features in AR.

The project involves a new form of writing, in which the audience has an active role. Technology becomes a mediation tool, with the establishment of an intimate relationship between the attendees and their surroundings. They step in an alternate and poetic dimension consisting of dancing bodies they can interact with. 

This sound and visual experience is created in advance with residents and organizations of an area, during shared creative workshops (choreography, video and sound recording,...). They become involved in the area's history and they tell their personal stories.  The creative process promotes diversity, intergenerationality, the relationship between professional and non-professional dancers and between local organizations (in fields like culture, social, medico-social, politics,...).

The artwork created emphasizes the physical cultural heritage of an area, with an interactive way of discovering or rediscovering it. Thus it becomes part of its intangible cultural heritage.


Initially, Augmented Reality is reality, our physical world. Appearing on a screen, virtual or immaterial elements are placed on top of this real environment. For Space Dances, these elements are dancing bodies of real dancers. These dancers are not physically there, but they are waiting for the audience to make them appear. The users become a magician : they trigger the display of dancers in the world around them. Two timelines are then overlapping : the present time experimented by the participants, and the time of the dance, captured beforehand. The real surroundings and current time include the landscape where we stand, but also people and objects : if someone passes in front of the screen, they will be included in the image. We carry out a particular choreographical research to offer the audience this experience of superposition between real and immaterial during performances where the dancers physically present dance with the holographic bodies on the screen.


In Augmented Reality, a technological device gives the user the illusion that reality around him or her includes virtual elements. This feature stands between the user and its surroundings and through it, he can see his reality on which overlaps a virtual dimension. Our goal is to use our everyday tools like smartphones or tablets as mediators between us and the world.


  • solo experiment - a sustainable and intimate relationship to the work : with their smartphones or tablets, the participants create their own journey at their own pace, through an area. They develop an intimate relationship to the dancers and become part of an artistic experience. The itinerary, which is designed for a specific area and with permanent signs, is accessible at any time with the mobile app.

  • a collective experience during events - live choreographic moving  performances : the participants are invited to move through a specific itinerary, where live dancers are performing with their immaterial counterparts.


The project is based on an ecosystem composed of :

  • Compagnie Corps Au Bord | Natacha Paquignon : projects conception, artistic creation work

  • Maxime Touroute and Tom Veniat : video capture and post-production 

  • MuseoPic | Amaury Belin : development of the augmented reality app.


Space Dances is designed to be developed in many areas, always with a participatory approach. Since its launch, several projects have been implemented:

La face dansée des Buers

135-CCO JEP 2020 - 7229.jpg

La face dansée de L'Autre Soie


La face dansée de la Demi-Lune

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