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A dialogue between Natacha Paquignon, Maxime Touroute, Amaury Belin and the public addresses the issues of the ecosystem for choreographic, visual and auditory creation in Augmented Reality, the different forms emanating from the ecosystem, our method for artistic and technological creation based on a co-built research and development approach.

The choreographer Natacha Paquignon presents the artistic and conceptual framework of her research for a relational writing, and for a new type of immersive broadcast for dance that enables the audience to create an intimate relationship between them and the work.

The video-maker and engineer Maxime Touroute presents his video making workflow for Augmented Reality : how to film, edit and re-project bodies in real world.

The engineer and experience designer Amaury Belin presents the principles of Augmented Reality, and the technological challenges for developing an Augmented reality mobile App for the project.

The Masterclass ends with a demo of dance scenes in Augmented / Mixed Reality.


In French or in English

Lenght : 1 or 2 hours

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